mercredi 22 décembre 2010

Ecstatic Peace live performance poll

there is (as every year) a mighty live 2010 performance poll on Ecstatic Peace (a label run by Thurston Moore & Byron Coley)

including a local top 10 by young girls records:

1) Dolphins into the Future @ La Chapelle Saint Roch (Liege)
2) TG @ La Chapelle Saint Roch (Liege)
3) DJ Bongo Man @ CPCR (Liege)
4) Little Claw @ Carlo Levi (Liege)
5) My girlfriend singing grease in a karaoke pub in Liege
6) Popol Gluant @ Carlo Levi (Liege)
7) DJ Jean Dezert @ Parc de la Boverie (Liege)
8) Bozok Terror Trio @ Carlo Levi (Liege)
9) Lubriphikatttor @ Carlo Levi (Liege)
10) Basshaters @ Carlo Levi (Liege)

see you in the pit