samedi 7 mai 2011

container, unicorn hard-on, blue shift, laser poodle

Soirée ELECTRONIQUE, minimal techno, dance music, noise, drone, ... au CARLO LEVI de LIEGE, 20h21, ce jeudi 19 mai, 6 euros, rue St Leonard, 4000 LIEGE
avec la participation de Pippa Middleton !

off course, it is a FACEBOOK EVENT

first, check that awesome video
bonjour, merci de bien vouloir regarder cette belle vidéo:

CONTAINER (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
Inspired by the discovery of 90’s minimal techno, Ren Schofield began his Container
project in the early months of 2009, applying compositional techniques and musical
approaches learned through his background of noise, drone, and cassette collage music
to the genre of techno, without combining any of the two. Backdrops of simplistic beats
evolve patiently over time giving a distinct focus to each sound introduced and each
pattern created, snowballing together with occasional vocal cassette manipulations
into what has been described as ‘outsider techno’ .

UNICORN HARD-ON (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
For many years now Unicorn Hard-On has been infiltrating the American and European
underground with her unusual style of animal inspired electronic dance music.
Incorporating elements of techno, industrial, noise, and synth pop, four sequenced
Electribes are used to create eerie backgrounds of tonal interference, glittering splashes
of synth, and gradually multiplying pulsing beats, forming a wall of mutated dance madness.

LASER POODLE (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Two kids who hooked up their electronic wizardry are challenging
the boundaries of electronic beat music. In form of an organic, constantly
shapeshifting pulse, played on a pile of electronics and drum machines,
Laser Poodle is a sweet late night strobo dog trip. Taking a shit in the middle
of the street is indeed as convenient as a four to the floor bass drum.
The duo consists of Fyoelk (de) and Yellow Galactic Human (dk).

a girl called Cibele will play some violins for you folks.